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Typefaces Licensing

HermesSOFT offers a variety of licensing options, a few of which are outlined below. If you require more information or have specific licensing questions, please contact HermesSOFT at E-mail.

Please click the links below to read the complete EULA:
Electronic End User Standard License Agreement.
Electronic Corporate License Agreement.

1. HermesSOFT "Standard End User License" - 5 Computers License
When you purchase a typeface, you are really purchasing a license to install and use HermesSOFT font software for that typeface on up to five (5) computers, regardless of format, at a single location. HermesSOFT typefaces can be printed to any number of printers that are accessed by these five computers, but the typeface may only be permanently downloaded to the hard disk of only one printer. What many companies and individuals do not realize is that when they purchase typefaces, they cannot freely copy and distribute the typefaces among employees. Even if a company purchased a typeface for use by an entire department, the typeface is licensed for only five (5) computers. If you plan to use a typeface on more than 5 computers, you need to purchase either - multiple individual licenses for a specific number of computers or an additional corporate license for an unlimited number of computers worldwide where you do not have to count computers or printers.

2. HermesSOFT "Corporate Licenses"
The Corporate licensing options allow the distribution and use of the typefaces throughout the entire corporation. Purchasing a corporate license is a cost effective alternative to purchasing multiple individual licenses. HermesSOFT offers special discounts for multiple licenses.
For more specific licensing questions, or individual licensing plans, please contact HermesSOFT at E-mail.

3. HermesSOFT "Educational Licenses"
The Educational licensing options include special discounts for students, teachers, and faculties. We offer the following options:
Educational Base License for one (1) user at one location. The price discount for this license is 30%.
Educational License for ten (10) users at one location.
Educational License: "PERMITTED NUMBER OF COMPUTERS" : 100;

OpenType PRO
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Font Utilities
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Expert Support
Improved support
for multi-lingual problems
on Macintosh and Windows.
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