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Multiple Master Font Format

This revolutionary digital font format, developed from Adobe Systems is extension of PostScript Type 1. The Multiple Master fonts are Type 1 font programs that include two or more "master" fonts within a single font file. They allow users to interpolate many intermediate "instances" of the typeface. The Multiple Master fonts have one or more design "axes", such as weight, width, optical size, and style. Multiple Master typefaces add new dimensions to typographic control and unprecedented flexibility - the user can generate a very large number of variations from a single font.
The Multiple Master fonts from HermesSOFT Type Library make it possible for users to create fonts of varying weights and widths without any distortion of the letter form.

The Weight and Width Axes

The following image show the basic concept - in this example the Grotesk Multiple Master font contains four master fonts - wich are shown in the four corners highlighted below. The GroteskMM has two design axes, weight and width. Variations of GroteskMM and GroteskMM Italic can be generated in any weight and/or width between Light condensed and Black (see pictures below). A Light and Black master designs delineate the dynamic range of possible font variations along the weight design axis, respectively Light condensed and Light normal master designs determine the dynamic range of width design axis. The characters between the master designs show just some of the intermediate "instances" that the user can produce by interpolation. These intermediate variations will be integrated into one MM font. The axes can be used independently or together to provide a matrix of typeface variations (see above the matrix).

Grotesk MM Regular style - Weight axis

Light to Black weight

Grotesk MM Regular style - Width axis

Condensed to Regular width

Grotesk MM Italic style - Weight axis

Light Italic to Black Italic weight

Grotesk MM Italic style - Width axis

Light Condensed Italic to Light Italic

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updated 10/19/07