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1202 Sofia, Bulgaria
22, Cyrill and Metodij str.,fl. 4, ap. 7
(+359 88) 8 869 591
(+359 88) 6 206 388


HermesSOFT is founded in 1989 and it has always been the leading Bulgarian Company for design and developing Cyrillic and multi-lingual typefaces. HermesSOFT's superior design and technological capabilities have allowed these Cyrillic and multi-lingual typefaces to be faithfully reproduced for digitally. Currently, all HermesSOFT font families are being expanded to support all countries inside Europe and US and are available in PostScript and OpenType formats. In addition, some of the HermesSOFT's font experts are members of ADOBE Developers Association Europe and therefore they are deeply in the PostScript and Typefaces area. Such a professional Type Library together with an expert support team allows HermesSOFT to effectively assist companies with a complete worldwide font solution.
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Bulgarian designers originally develop all typefaces. The master drawings are digitized by IKARUS system on Macintosh computer and have been carefully prepared to meet the highest technical and creative standards, thus ensuring that the integrity of the original type design is maintained both on-screen and on the printed page. Our PostScript Type 1 fonts are hinted and fully compatible with Adobe Type Manager (ATM). Each HermesSOFT typeface is available in several Code Pages for Macintosh and Windows, which support all European languages and most of the world languages. In addition, the character metrics and extensive kerning pairs for each font have been carefully constructed to control for precise character spacing.

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To help determine your needs for Cyrillic and multi-lingual fonts, and to receive personal service from qualified support specialists for multi-lingual problems on Macintosh and Windows you can visit our page for expert multi-lingual support or contact our Support Team.

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Expert Support
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